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Assumptions About Choosing A Phone System For Your Company

Business owners can find themselves underestimating the range of options that are available to their company for meeting its phone needs. In addition to being unaware of some of the options available, there are some common assumptions that can lead business owners to choose inefficient or ineffective telecommunication systems.

Assumption: It Is Difficult To Integrate VOIP With Business Management Software

VOIP phone systems are an economical option that can offer a business the full range of features that are commonly provided for commercial phone customers. Unfortunately, some business leaders might think that integrating these systems into their business management software will be a challenge. However, it is entirely possible to integrate these systems into major business management programs, such as Office 365. This can enable your workers to easily look up the customer information, notes from other employees, and the call history of the person that they are talking to on the phone. To make full use of these capabilities, you may want to consider buying Office 365 phone systems that are specifically designed to work with this software.

Assumption: Microsoft Office 365 Can Only Call Individuals Using The Same Software

Microsoft Office 365 phone systems are among the more popular options among businesses as they can provide easy integration with one of the leading business management software solutions. However, there is an assumption that individuals with these systems will only be able to make calls to other individuals or businesses that use the same software. Not surprisingly, this could be a very limiting factor in the operations of your business. Luckily, this is not the case as these phone systems will be able to call any working number. Furthermore, these phone systems can often provide far better clarity than more traditional phone systems due to the high bitrate that high-speed internet connections can support.

Assumption: You Will Have To Commit Long Term To These Services

For a small business, flexibility can be a critical factor. Without a high degree of flexibility, it is possible for a business to experience significant challenges as it grows. Luckily, VOIP providers can offer extremely flexible solutions to their customers. This can include increasing or contracting the number of extensions and phone lines that the company uses. Additionally, you may be able to stop using these services whenever you want as most will have a monthly option for customers to select.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for Office 365 phone systems for your business.

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